Odditive IoT Platform

Ready end-to-end IoT solution for business and home. Odditive platform is a way to bring your hardware to internet without infrastructure rebuilding, so you can control, analyse and automate your devices via web.

Use Cases

Let the devices take care of your comfort and routine jobs. Gas and water leak sensors, automated temperature regulation, even without need to open an app.

Flood and gas leak preventing systems with emergency utility systems break, electric power system monitoring and management.

Consumer Electronics

  • - Home automation
  • - Utilities

Bring your security system to next level with detailed analytics, self maintance and remote control.

Our system is autonomous, so you can use it for assets traking as well as transportation monitoring with live location, temperature and humidity feed.

Industrial Solutions

  • - Security systems automatization
  • - Asset tracking and smart logistics

Control humidity, PH level and macronutrients saturation. Minimize watering and fertilizers use without agricultural output reduction.

From automated flood preventing severs to live polution monitoring systems. Use cases of our IoT platform for smart cities are unlimited.

Industry-Driven Solutions

  • - Agriculture
  • - Smart Cities